Sorella Apothecary Daily Greens Moisturizer

Sorella Apothecary Daily Greens Moisturizer

  • $68.00

This ultra-light daily moisturizer hydrates without clogging pores and absorbs excess oil. Skin gets a daily dose of vitamins A, B, C, E, and K, plus hydration and lightning from effective extracts and face-friendly anti-oxidants. Healed breakouts and an even skin tone resulting in a healthy and radiant glow.

*Due to natural ingredients, actual product color may vary.


Apply liberally to cleansed and toned face and neck for repair and balance.


  • Maintains moisture levels while reducing excess sebum
  • Eliminates excess oil while adding essential nutrients, leaving a matte, shine-free finish
  • Soothes irritates and inflamed acne lesions
  • Leaves skin appearing more even
  • Acne Safe


Dark Spots
Preventative Aging
Clogged Pores
Sporadic Breakouts
Frequent Breakouts
Severe Breakouts


Also known as vitamin B3, this powerful ingredient reduces inflammation and restores the skin’s natural barrier to harmful pollutants, making skin look and feel refreshed and revived

This super-green is a natural detoxifier, packed with omegas to boost skin’s hydration and combat sun damage.

Not just for spa selfies, cucumber rejuvenates, firms and soothes the skin with essential nutrients while banishing puffiness.

Vitamin C (BV-OSC)
This type of vitamin C penetrates deeper into the skin and stays stable longer, ensuring you get a full dose of antioxidants to help minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while promoting even skin tone.

Gooseberry + Licorice
Skin-soothing anti-inflammatory ingredients even skin tone and heal post-breakout pigmentation spots.

Reduces the appearance of pores and controls oil – leaving skin matte, not flat.

Phytic Acid
This skin lightener is naturally derived from plant seeds and works by blocking iron and copper during the formation of melanin.

No surprise that the add-on to your green juice is also in your skincare. Increased formation of collagen means skin looks stronger, tighter, firmer, smoother. Just like your bum in those expensive yoga pants.

Green tea
Get zen with a potent antioxidant that soothes skin and boasts anti-inflammatory and antibacterial powers.