Our Founder

Hello! I want to introduce myself. My name is Samantha Silva. I’m originally an Oregonian and I grew up in the Gorge on the Columbia river. After attending college and completing my phlebotomy certificate , in 2005 I relocated to the Northern California area where I started my Nursing and Accounting Degree. In 2009 I decided to relocate my family to beautiful and snowier Salt Lake City , Utah. In 2014 I started my Skin Care career and In 2015 we moved back to Northern California, where I finished my License in Aesthetics and became Certified as a Face Reality Acne Specialist.
In 2018 my husband and I officially opened Absolute Skin Care Spa where I specialize in corrective skin care, healthy aging skin, and acne. I’m licensed and certified in eyelash extensions and micro blading as well. I absolutely excel and thrive in the skincare industry. Im in love with my skincare clinic and all my clients. They are amazing and gifts sent from above.
Im currently in nursing student working towards my LVN to BSN and work part time at Vibra Hospital.
I’m very blessed to be married to my best friend, and to be a mother of 4 beautiful children, three girls 24,16,and 3 years old, and I have a surrogate son who lives in Hong Kong who’s now 13 . I’m very grateful that my family and I are a part of the close knit community here in Northern California.