Red Method Zeo - Absolute Lash and Skin Care

Red Method Zeo

  • $10.00

The foaming action of Zeo leaves skin smooth, refreshed, and ready as the raw extracts of zeolite minerals protect skin from free radicals. A gentle, hydrating cleanser with a light citrus aroma, this purifying mineral wash gives your skin the optimum experience in daily cleansing. The perfect choice for more sensitive, dry, rosacea-prone skin.  

Recommended Use

Moisten hands then pump Zeo onto fingertips. Smooth over face and neck; massage into skin for several minutes for a deep cleanse – add more water to hands to lather. Work in well, especially around nose, forehead, and problem areas. This is an excellent step to do in a steamy shower. Rinse twice with warm water and white cloth for complete removal. Pat skin dry before applying toner, serums, and/or EnviroProtect SPF22. Several rinses may be required to remove the wash completely. Use both AM and PM.