Red Method Buffed - Absolute Lash and Skin Care

Red Method Buffed

  • $20.00

Take cleansing to the next level. Raw ingredients of bamboo and jojoba granular beads polish the face for the ultimate in exfoliation, scrubbing and dissolving away dead skin cells for a buffed, refined finish. With the added benefits of Dragon’s Blood, Buffed is the perfect exfoliator to reduce irritation, swelling, and discomfort. Men will love the feel, aroma, and end-result.

Recommended Use

Pump a small amount of Buffed into damp hands and work into skin. Massage granular beads over face and neck for several minutes. The fast action of the bamboo/jojoba beads gently rolls over skin, lifting away surface cells and residue. Rinse skin with warm water and smooth hands over face to remove all grains. Towel dry face and brush away any excess beads. This is an ideal step to do in the shower.