Procell Livra Hand Held Micro-Channeling

Procell Therapies

  • $75.00

Livra Wand is an at-home product delivery device designed by a Board Certified Dermatologist to enhance penetration and absorption of your favorite topical lotions, creams, serums and ampules.


We recommend .25mm, .35mm, and .50mm for the face, neck, and decollete. For the body we recommend the and 1.5mm. 

Livra Wand from Procell Therapies and Mitchell Schwartz, MD, Board Certified Dermatologist safely creates delivery channels in the uppermost barrier layer of your skin with tiny micro-filaments. These “micro-channels” deliver more of the active ingredients you need to the deeper layers of your skin.

Delivery with Livra Wand increases penetration, prevents evaporation, and makes all of your skin care work better!

Please feel free to send us an Email with any questions, concerns, or for a list of professional grade products for your skin type and condition that you may use with the Livra Wand. A Licensed Master Esthetician will respond within 24 hours. 

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