Acne Consultation

Acne Consultation - You receive information regarding products, diet recommendations and supplements. We analyze your acne and help determine the cause. your skin will be tested for sensitivity to products. You will receive a routine for your acne type and products will be suggested. $75

Acne Treatment - Your skin is cleansed exfoliated, toned, an acne peel is applied if necessary, extractions, masking, toner, and a moisturizer and spa applied. Led treatment therapy when needed. Acne appointments scheduled every two weeks $55

Online Acne Consultation - Your initial consultations is $25 which is nonrefundable because making a corrective routine is a timely process. This means you will get a personalized system that correctly address your questions, concerns and we will suggested the right products to give you healthier looking skin. We can clear your skin in 3-4 months with a 90% success rate, this will give you the confidence in us to achieve your acne goals. $25